Business News

Business news is a type of journalism that covers the commercial activities and changes that take place in societies. The topics that are covered by business journalism include the economy, financial developments and trends as well as the social impacts of these activities on people, organizations and the overall society. Most newspapers, magazines and radio-news programs include a section dedicated to business news. This genre of journalism also extends to online-only publications and websites.

The word business means organized commercial activity, with the aim of making profit. Generally, businesses purchase raw materials and machinery to produce goods and then sell them on to consumers for a profit. Alternatively, companies can buy already finished goods and sell them directly to consumers. The business world is a complex one, and there are many ways to make money, both good and bad. Business news covers the wide range of topics that impact businesses, from economic policies and other legislation to major global business events.

Businesses come in all sizes, from small, local enterprises to large multinational corporations. Some are privately owned, while others are publicly held and traded. The structure of a business can also have an effect on the way it is run and how its profits are distributed. For example, a corporation is a legally separate entity from its shareholders, meaning that the shareholders are not personally liable for the company’s debts. This can make it easier for a company to secure loans or lines of credit.

In addition to general business news, there is also specialized news that pertains to specific industries. This information can be vital for investors, as it can affect stock prices and the economy in a particular sector. For instance, oil and gas prices can fluctuate depending on the state of politics in a region. Business news can help investors understand the potential consequences of political instability in their investments.

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The Library of Congress provides access to a variety of business news sources, both in print and microform. These collections are a great source for research on entrepreneurship, business strategy, organizational behavior and more. To learn more about the resources available to researchers, visit the Business News page in the Research Guides section of the Library’s website. You can also contact Ask-A-Librarian for further assistance.