New York Law Firms and the Concept of Law New

As the legal field evolves, so too does the language used to describe it. While the concept of law new is still in its nascent stages, it has quickly become a part of how many legal firms work with their clients. For most, it means embracing new technology and focusing on process. For others it may mean creating strategies that help meet client needs in ways that would not be possible with traditional methods. It is a concept that all lawyers should understand and be willing to explore.

A quick glance at New York’s current laws will show how this term can be applied in multiple areas. For example, one law, which is named after Matthew Horan, who died from a drug overdose in 2020, will allow local pharmacies and health care providers to supply life-saving drug adulterant testing supplies to the public. Another new law will allow victims and survivors of crime to be able to use alternative proof of their claim for victim compensation funds. The new year has also seen changes to the minimum wage and the use of e-cigarettes.

In addition to these changes, other legislation in the state includes a requirement that NYCHA provide tenants with notice of whether their water is safe for drinking and that those hired to test water quality samples comply with federal and local regulations. Another law will ensure that building security companies install keyless access devices only after receiving written consent from the resident, the security company and the building owner. And yet another will require that buildings with shared stairways provide residents with a list of all occupants and the name and contact information for each tenant.

While all of these pieces of legislation are called “law new,” the actual practice of this kind of legal service is a little more complicated than just a fancy new name. For many attorneys and their staffers, it is about offering the kind of help that clients need in a way that is more efficient and serves as a secondary focus for their main legal efforts. This type of approach is a great way for law firms to grow and prosper in the ever-changing legal industry.