The Best Business News Apps for Mobile Devices

When it comes to business news, there are a lot of choices. While some may be less than impressive, there are some that stand above the rest. Here are some of them.

One of the oldest business news news sites on the block, The Wall Street Journal has been providing its fair share of insightful articles and breaking news. Aside from the illuminating content, this outlet is a good place to look for stock market tips, financial news, and stock quotes.

This award winning, news aggregator boasts a number of impressive features. Users can browse through the latest breaking financial news, check out the latest industry statistics, and even watch their favorite network shows live. Unlike most of its competitors, the Wall Street Journal doesn’t restrict its users to the desktop. Luckily for those who are on the go, this app is also available for both iPhone and Android devices.

For those looking for a little more oomph, the Bloomberg app is worth checking out. Not only does the Bloomberg app have a slew of notable tidbits, it also has some of the best stock market tools in the industry. From proprietary portfolio tools to real-time market updates, you’ll never have to miss the big picture again.

Another worthy contender is the Fox Business app, which gives you a taste of the best in business. With this app, you can track your favorite stocks, watch live newsfeeds from the network, and share your favorite stories on Facebook and Twitter. Probably the best part of all, you can do all of this without leaving your home. In fact, you could literally be in your bed watching the FTSE 100 ticker, all while keeping track of your finances.

Other notable entrants are the TheStreet, Forbes, and the CNN business news site. Among these, you’ll find the most comprehensive stock quotes, in-depth company profiles, and a handful of business news rumor roundups. All in all, it’s the perfect way to keep on top of the latest developments in the financial world.