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Daily news refers to newspaper articles published every day, containing current and topical news stories. A daily newspaper may be a broadsheet, semi-broadsheet, or tabloid. A tabloid is half the size of a broadsheet and is often perceived as more sensational in tone. A broadsheet is full-size and more intellectual, and is often associated with liberal thought and policy agendas.

In its 20th-century heyday, The New York Daily News was a brawny metro tabloid that specialized in crime and corruption reporting. It was a model for the Daily Planet of the first two Superman movies, and its reporters won Pulitzer prizes in commentary and international reporting. It still has a strong local presence, with bureaus in Brooklyn and Queens, within City Hall, at the police headquarters in One Police Plaza and at various state and federal courthouses. It also operates the AM radio station WPIX, and owns the TV station WFAN.

The Daily News has an AllSides Media Bias Rating of Left, which indicates that it has a tendency to favor liberal, progressive or left-wing ideas and positions on issues. Generally, the News is regarded as an alternative to the right-wing New York Post.

A newspaper article is a written work, often distributed in print or online, that reports on events or discusses topics of current interest. It usually contains news, analysis or opinion, and may include images or charts. The work is typically based on research or original reporting, and is authored by an individual or group of individuals.

Some newspapers are published daily, while others are weekly or monthly. In general, a daily newspaper covers local and national news, while the weekly or monthly publication is focused more on regional and/or international topics. In addition, some newspapers have special sections for sports and entertainment, as well as politics or business.

As of 2018, the daily newspaper industry has declined significantly due to the rise in online news, but many newspapers are still profitable. In addition, digital subscriptions are boosting revenue for many newspapers.

Historically, daily newspapers were printed on paper of varying quality, with most of the highest-quality papers being produced by large publishing houses. Today, the majority of daily newspapers are printed on low-cost paper and distributed by automated delivery systems.

The Yale Daily News is a student-run newspaper that has been in existence since 1912. The paper is published each weekday while the University is in session. It is the oldest college daily newspaper in the United States. Throughout its history, the paper has attracted students who have gone on to achieve prominent careers in journalism and public service, including William F. Buckley, Lan Samantha Chang, John Hersey, Joseph Lieberman, Sargent Shriver, Strobe Talbott and Garry Trudeau. The Daily News is also the oldest and largest newspaper at Yale. In addition, the paper has long been a source of campus news and debate. The News is published on a volunteer basis by the Yale Student Press Association, a chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists.