Top 5 Digital Tools For Getting Your Daily News Fix

daily news

Daily news is an essential part of the modern world. It keeps you informed on all the latest developments in your business, community, and society. While some people have time to watch the nightly news on TV, others prefer to get their news via podcast or email newsletters.

The best way to keep up with the news is by staying informed with news from the most authoritative sources available. That’s why we’ve rounded up this list of the top 5 digital tools for getting your daily news fix.

Need 2 Know

If you’re looking for daily news that’s fun, concise, and a little quirky, Need 2 Know is the app for you. The app condenses the most important stories from across the web into pithy summaries and insightful commentary written as if you were talking to your smartest, sassiest friend. It also includes a clever “What to Say When…” section that turns of-the-moment information into an entertaining narrative.


ScienceDaily is the perfect resource for students and educators who need to stay on top of breaking news in science, health, and technology. The site features news stories from leading universities, scientific journals, and research organizations.

Each story is accompanied by a brief summary of the main points and links to further reading. Users can also subscribe to weekly newsletters based on the topic of their choice.


Unlike many other news apps, this one integrates with your LinkedIn profile to give you an individualized stream of the latest professional trends. Plus, Pulse makes it easy to like, comment, and share articles with your network. And because it’s integrated with your LinkedIn account, you can use the news feed to find people who share similar interests.

NPR Up First

NPR’s Up First is an excellent option for those who don’t have time to sit and listen to the nightly news on TV but want to keep up with the latest events. This show runs in a quick 10-15 minute format and covers the latest news on politics and pop culture in a light, breezy manner.

Yahoo’s News Digest

Whether you’re a Yahoo fan or not, this daily digest is a good way to keep up with the news. Each mini-news story is compiled from multiple reputable sources and includes key quote call-outs, video clips, maps, Wikipedia excerpts, and tweets. It’s also easy to read on the go with a convenient countdown, which helps you figure out when the next edition will drop.


With more than half a million subscribers worldwide, Quartz delivers the world’s most interesting and relevant stories to your inbox each morning. Each issue is designed to help you think critically and engage with the world around you.

The most comprehensive and authoritative news site on the planet, Quartz has a wide range of topics to cover every day, including global economy, science, health, business, and more. Its team of writers, editors, and journalists bring you the latest on the news of the day to ensure you’re always up-to-date with the latest and greatest stories.