What is Law New?

New law is a catchall industry term used to describe the various new methods, techniques, tools and strategies employed by legal professionals, in-house lawyers and other industry participants in their pursuit of improved legal service delivery for business clients. Typical examples include collaborative processes, process efficiency improvements, the use of technology, increased staffing (either full time or on a contract basis) and an emphasis on value rather than hours billed.

The goal of new law is to produce change that is impactful to legal consumers and society-at-large. It is an industry-wide paradigm shift from provider-centricity to customer impact fueled by technology and data. Profits will no longer be derived from adherence to legacy economic models, outdated legal education and self-regulation but from an integrated platform-based law delivery structure that is agile, flexible, cost effective, efficient, data-backed, solution focused, and driven by end-user needs and net promoter score.

Law new is a multidisciplinary team sport that requires legal practitioners, “techies,” process/project managers and cross-functional enterprise colleagues to work together in a collaborative, strategic manner to reverse engineer and deliver better outcomes and experience. It is not about buying fit-for-purpose software and implementing it, though it will often involve that. Instead, it is about integrating that software into a delivery plan that is driven by end-user need and produces improved customer/end-user experience, outcomes and values.

SS 205. Student Loan Forgiveness

This bill requires city agencies to provide employees and job applicants with notice of federal and city student loan forgiveness programs.

SS 209. Data Breach Notification

This act amends the law on information technology security breaches. It requires public agencies to report when personal identifying information about individuals is obtained by an unauthorized person or entity. It also requires public agencies to inform those individuals of the breach, as well as the measures taken to prevent future occurrences.

SS 309. DRAGNET: Law-Related Web Resources

This site organizes free legal research websites, search engines and databases. It includes a specialized search engine for conducting law-related research called DRAGNET, which allows you to search across a collection of free law-related Web resources using keywords or a category. It also provides video tutorials for conducting legal research.

SS 409. Laws of New York State

This website summarizes all the laws passed by the Legislature for each legislative session. It includes enacted and vetoed bills as well as proposals that did not pass during a particular legislative session. The site also includes a link to search laws from different years on the fly.

This is the official source for legislative records in the New York State Senate and Assembly. You can access the official transcripts of legislative meetings and the bill books for both houses. Additionally, this website contains the New York State Constitution, statutes, codes, court decisions and other official sources of law in PDF format. In addition, the website provides access to audio and video from legislative sessions, as well as legislative committee hearings.